Synagogue Services

Synagogue Services

Pray With Us

We believe that prayer is a communal activity in which our voices join together to elevate each other and raise our prayers up to Heaven.

At this challenging time we are constantly exploring ways to allow the community to come together safely in prayer. We are committed to ensuring that all of our prayer experiences are available online so that those who cannot join us in person are able to have a full prayer experience with their Temple Shir Tikva community.

Shabbat and Holiday services at Temple Shir Tikva are joyful, uplifting, spiritual gatherings of our community. Our services are filled with music and opportunities for personal soulful connections. They are a chance for us to be connected with something greater than ourselves with the community and the Divine.

Services at Temple Shir Tikva are a learning experience.  We recognize that everyone enters the space with differing levels of knowledge and experience of Jewish prayer. We hope to ensure that everyone feels welcome and able to participate in the service. If you ever have questions about the service our Clergy are always happy and available to answer questions.

Shir Tikva primarily uses Mishkan T’filah, the siddur (prayer book) of the Reform Movement, as well as V’haeir Eineinu, a siddur of our own design that we use for our Early Shabbat Morning Service. All are welcome to our worship services.

Prayer in our community is designed to touch the heart, mind and spirit as we draw closer to one another in the bonds of a sacred community. Shir Tikva was founded by Jews from an eclectic group of backgrounds and our worship style is fully inclusive. Shabbat at Shir Tikva is the perfect antidote to the pressures of a busy week. We invite you to come and add your voice to ours.

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