Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

What kind of human being am I? What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What can I do that will help me become a better person? How does who I am impact others and the world around me?

Mussar offers an answer.

The study and practice of Mussar is a centuries old Jewish tradition that is as relevant today as it was 1000 years ago.

You can live a meaningful, ethical life by examining your inner middot, soul traits, and cultivating behavior that is an expression of the best version of yourself. Through study, honest reflection and contemplative practices, you can become the person you would like to be. Mussar will guide you toward overcoming your inner obstacles so that you can improve the quality of you own character which will improve the quality of the relationships you have with others. Through personal transformation, you will improve the civility of the world in which we live.

Classes will be led by Caryl Shaw and Jay Gainsboro both of whom are Mussar facilitators certified by The Mussar Institute.

Together we will exercise our souls using text study, group discussion, study with a chevruta (partner), journaling and targeted practices.