Junior Youth Programs

From working in teams to assemble creative Jewishly-inspired culinary concoctions to building blanket forts together and then bonding over M&M icebreakers, our grades 3-6 students enjoy plenty of opportunities to connect and build relationships with one another outside of the classroom.

Examples of past Junior Youth Programs have included:

  • Mock Shul-In (all of the fun of a shul-in, minus sleeping over!)
  • Off-Site Adventures to Launch! Trampoline Park and Acton Bowladrome
  • Chopped JEWnior!
  • Sukkot Potluck and Apple Picking
  • Temple-Wide Treasure Hunt
  • Field Days
  • Participation in Community Service Days (including JTI Love Our Neighbors Day and JTI/JCRC’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service)