Lifecycle Events

One of the joys and privileges of being part of a synagogue community is having a central address where the milestone moments of our lives unfold—not only from one year to the next, but sometimes even from one generation to the next. Throughout its history, Temple Shir Tikva’s families have commemorated together these special times in the Jewish life cycle. These milestones recognize the power of Judaism to deepen our joys and soften our difficult times. They reinforce our sense of community and our link to the past, present and future. Ritual acts are Mitzvot: sanctifying our history, our ideas and uniting us in common practice.

Brit Milah/Brit Bat Naming & Covenant Ceremonies

Every Jewish baby becomes part of an eternal covenant with the Jewish people and with God. The rituals surrounding birth for both boys and girls involve the hopes and dreams of parents for their children as they celebrate the continuation of the Jewish people. At Shir Tikva, these ceremonies are available to members and non-members alike. If you have questions about a baby naming or Brit Milah, please contact Karen Edwards.


Every year our community celebrates the Consecration of new students in our religious school. Each student receives a personal mini-Sefer Torah, a tube of honey to represent the Torah’s sweetness and some special gifts and blessings on behalf of their parents and our community.

B. Mitzvah

Becoming a B. Mitzvah at Temple Shir Tikva is one of the most meaningful and joyful expressions of our temple life. It is a milestone along the lifelong road of Jewish growth and learning; at Shir Tikva, the B. Mitzvah experience is open to students who are members of our community and are actively engaged in our religious school. This is the culmination of many months of learning and preparation with our teachers, our Rabbis and our Cantor. Our B. Mitzvah services take place on Shabbat mornings throughout the year. Like all religious services at Shir Tikva, these services are open to the public and to our entire community. The B. Mitzvah experience at Shir Tikva is more fully explained within our education section.

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Confirmation is yet another marker on the lifelong road of Jewish education. It is a celebration of our students who have completed 12th grade in our TSTeen programs, an educational year devoted to themes of Jewish engagement with moral dilemmas and controversial contemporary issues. It is an affirmation of our graduating students’ commitment to Jewish responsibility and Tikkun Olam (repair of the world).

Weddings & Marriage

We love weddings at Shir Tikva! A Jewish marriage is called Kiddushin, a sacred relationship marked by a commitment to a Jewish present and future. Jewish weddings can take place in the sanctuary at Temple Shir Tikva or in many other locales. Shir Tikva’s Rabbis and Cantor are available for the weddings of our members and their children. To begin planning your wedding, please contact the temple office.

Conversion: Choosing Judaism as Your Own

Our Temple Shir Tikva community includes individuals from an incredible array of backgrounds and beliefs. Along the way, some members of our community who come from other backgrounds feel called to take on Judaism as fully their own.  If you are curious about exploring this possibility for yourself, please come meet with a member of our Clergy Team.  Any of us would love to meet with you!  We’ll accompany you as you take your next steps into Jewish living and learning, as you continue to figure out the right path in Jewish life for you.  Typically, adults who are exploring Judaism take an Introduction to Judaism course through TST or another Reform movement congregation, meet regularly with a member of our Clergy, and take part in living an active Jewish life at home and within our community over time.  When the time is right, we accompany you through the rituals of conversion, which include giving you the chance to articulate your decision to join the Jewish people and the chance to be immersed in the waters at Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh. We invite you to begin a conversation with Rabbi DannyRabbi Jordi, or Cantor Hollis.

Deaths & Mourning

Jewish funeral practices allow the mourners to honor a life and receive comfort from their community. When you face the death of a loved one, there are many difficult decisions to be made and families are often in need of comfort, support and guidance. Our Rabbis and Cantor are here to assist and support you during this difficult time. When a family at Shir Tikva is sitting Shiva, we rally to be a community of compassion and comfort. Our volunteers provide a wide variety of essential services in a caring, gentle way. Our Rabbis, Cantor and ritual volunteers will lead services in a family’s home, giving the mourners an opportunity to recite the Kaddish in an environment of support and strength.

In the event of a death, please contact the Temple immediately at our main number 508-358-9992 at any time. If the Temple office is closed, follow the instructions our recorded message to reach our clergy directly, day or night.