Giving / Tzedakah

Please show your support today by making a gift and investing in Temple Shir Tikva. Your generosity today will help sustain the future of the Temple and enable us to continue to serve as the heart of Jewish living and practice in MetroWest.

We invite you to learn about some of our exciting new initiatives, such as our Loyalty Circle and our Koach Leadership Circle, as well as to view our Annual Reports. If you would like to inquire about giving opportunities, please contact Rabbi Danny Burkeman.


Tzedakah is the great Jewish tradition of contributing from individual resources toward the good of the whole community. Rabbinic teaching informs us that the construction of the Temple was not completed until everyone had contributed to the effort, and that the very strength of the community was dependent upon the good will and donations of each and every one of our ancestors. At Temple Shir Tikva, we honor that tradition, and treasure each and every gift to strengthen our sacred Jewish community. Whether you choose to remember family, friends or others for the kindness they have shown, celebrate special occasions, or memorialize a special individual, your contribution allows us to:

  • Support Temple Shir Tikva’s mission and commitment to excellence
  • Provide inspiring and spiritual opportunities for worship
  • Offer innovative educational programming for all ages
  • Maintain connection, caring and help to those in need
  • Foster our commitment to tikkun olam, repairing the world
  • Strengthen our ties to Israel and the greater Jewish community
  • Welcome all who desire to join our community, regardless of ability to pay

To inquire about making a donation of appreciated securities, please contact Rabbi Danny Burkeman.

Annual Fund – The Temple Shir Tikva Annual Fund enables us to provide a comprehensive array of programs that are available to every member. By donating to the Annual Fund, you are helping to sustain every aspect of temple life, and helping to make sure that our doors are open to all who choose to participate. We deeply appreciate all gifts to our Annual Fund to help us foster an inclusive and financially secure community.

Annual Fund Giving Levels:

Kochavim (Stars) $100,000 and above
Tzadikim (Righteous Ones) $54,000 and above
Lamed Vavnik (Sustaining the World Member) $36,000 and above
Or haChayim (Light of Life Sustaining Member) $18,000 and above
Eitz Chayim (Tree of Life Sustaining Member) $10,000 and above
Shir Tikva (Song of Hope Sustaining Member) $5,000 and above
Nitzotzot (Sparks of Light Sustaining Member) $3,600 and above
Ner Tamid (Eternal Light Sustaining Member) $1,800 and above
Tikkun Olam (Repair the World Sustaining Member) $900 and above
Beit Midrash (House of Study Sustaining Member) $540 and above
Beit Knesset (House of Assembly Sustaining Member) $180 and above
Mitzvah (Sustaining Member) $36 and above

Clergy Funds – The clergy funds provide assistance to individuals and projects as determined by the Rabbis and Cantor.

Endowment Fund – The Endowment Fund provides income for future plans and needs through investment. The principal remains intact and only a portion of the accrued earnings are spent each year for unrestricted general purposes or for specific purposes as designated by donors within the mission of the Temple. The Endowment Fund allows us the financial security to plan for expenditures outside the scope of our regular annual budget in order to build the future of Temple Shir Tikva with confidence.

Mortgage Reduction Fund – Retiring our current mortgage is a pressing financial goal. Eliminating this obligation will relieve a large expense from our annual budget and help us redeploy resources toward the continued excellence of our worship services, educational programs and other congregation offerings.

Other Funds

Adult Learning Fund – To enhance programming for adult learners of the congregation.

Building and Furnishings Fund – To enhance the building and grounds with art, capital and landscape improvements, additional sanctuary seating and other furnishings.

The David Passer Annual Social Justice Lecture Fund – This fund was instituted as a tribute to our former Executive Director, David Passer. Each year, we will host a speaker who will focus on a social justice topic making it another piece of the foundation of community.

Early Learning Center Fund – Donations to this fund will be dedicated to ongoing improvements to the Early Learning Center for toddlers and preschoolers, allowing it to evolve and flourish.

Kesher Fund – To provide support for congregants in times of need and joy.

Library Fund – To enhance the collection of the Shir Tikva library.

The Marjorie Levitan Memorial Youth Fund – To offer periodic programs to aid our teenagers in navigating a variety of challenging social and personal issues.

Music Fund – To support the Temple’s music program.

The Rabbi Herman and Paula Blumberg URJ Camp Scholarship Fund – This fund provides scholarships for campers to attend the overnight camps of the Union for Reform Judaism located throughout North America. The fund was established in 2015 in honor of Rabbi Blumberg’s 80th birthday.

Ritual Fund – To purchase prayer books, tallitot and other religious objects.

School Enrichment Fund – To enhance the programming of the Religious School for grades K – 6.

Sisterhood Fund – To support Sisterhood activities.

Social Action Fund – For tzedakah and acts of kindness in the general and Jewish community.

Spirituality Fund – To enhance the programming of the TST Center for Spiritualtiy.

Study in Israel Scholarship Fund – To provide our youth with the opportunity to live and study in Israel for an extended period of time.

Youth Community Fund – To enhance the programming of the Youth Community for grades 7 – 12.