Congregational Trips

A Journey to Our Roots: Berlin and Prague

Tuesday, March 26th- April 4th, 2024

Led by Rabbi Danny Burkeman and organized by J² Adventures

Join Rabbi Danny as we embark on a wonderful journey back to our roots in Berlin and Prague.

We’ll begin in Berlin with an opportunity to explore the Jewish history and modern day revival of this city, as well as having a chance to experience why Berlin is one of Europe’s most vibrant capitals to visit. From Berlin we will make our way to Prague where we will have a chance to experience this most picturesque city, moving between the old and new to experience a city that has many roots in our Jewish story and the rebirth of democracy in Europe.

With the content and scheduling of this trip, it is planned as an adults only group

Stay tuned for more information as we are looking to schedule a couple of information sessions for people who are interested in joining us on this journey to find out more details around the itinerary and the logistics.

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Registration is now OPEN!

Price per person starts at $5,555