LGBTQ+ Families

We are so glad that you are here. At Temple Shir Tikva, we believe that everyone is created in God’s image. Our community prides itself on being open and welcoming so that everyone feels comfortable, included, and that they truly belong. We welcome you to share in our community as well.

Temple Shir Tikva is a proud member of THRIVE- an initiative by Keshet for Jewish organizations on a local and national level to defend Trans and LGBQ+ Youth.

As a part of THRIVE, Temple Shir Tikva…

  • affirms that every single person, of every gender and identity, is created b’Tzelem Elohim, in the Divine image.
  • is committed to pikuach nefesh, saving lives.
  • is proud that our young people are expressing their full selves.
  • refuses to push kids — or anyone — into narrow definitions of who they are and who they can be.
  • supports parents and families who fight for their kids’ safety and dignity.

Click here to access Back to School Resources for LGBTQ+ Youth


I am an LGBTQ+ individual or family. Will I be welcomed at Temple Shir Tikva?

Yes!  All family members are warmly welcomed at our synagogue. At all times, alone or in the company of your family, you are welcome within our doors. We are very conscious that all families are different and so we make sure to use language that reflects this and does not gender people or make assumptions.

Are there other LGBTQ+ individuals and families at Temple Shir Tikva?

Yes!  Temple Shir Tikva has many couples and families who identify as LGBTQ+. We welcome all individuals who come in search of a sacred community, education, social action and friendship. At Shir Tikva, we believe that the presence of members from different faith and cultural backgrounds can enrich us all, and that we all have much to learn from one another.

My child is on a journey exploring their gender identity, how will you support them?

We have a number of children in our program who are exploring their gender identity. We are here to support them and their parents. We offer people the chance to choose the pronouns that they want us to us, and we talk about becoming “B.Mitzvah” removing the gender of Bar (son of) and Bat (daughter of). We are also here to help explore alternative Hebrew names and can offer a ritual to accompany the choice of a new name.