Meet Our Members

“We initially joined TST to provide our children with a Jewish education and in preparation for their B’nai Mitzvah. In a desire to increase my own Jewish learning and spiritual growth, I came to value Sunday mornings while my boys were in religious school as a time I would read, study, and contemplate. In addition to feeling cared for by our clergy, I became a more active member. This community has come to mean a great deal to me and I feel blessed to have met so many wonderful people and developed many deep friendships.”

-Jeff Maimon, member since 2010

“The relationships I’ve formed in this Sanctuary and in this building are different from any other relationships in my life in that I share something greatly with these people, a community that we can call home and know we can always return to, a space for deep reflection and discussion. The person I am today, I believe, is the culmination of all the conversations, the disagreements, the laughter, and the love I shared with people in this temple.”

-Ethan Stone, member since 2005

“I was anxious stepping into a synagogue for the first time. I worried that I would be treated differently because I wasn’t Jewish. But the minute I walked into Shir Tikva, I immediately felt at home. My family and I have been embraced by the community and I feel blessed to have found a Jewish home here at Shir Tikva.”

-Brooke Stein, member since 2010

“Having grown up as a child of this community, it makes me so happy to bring my four boys into this synagogue. The attention and care that my children have received from the Early Learning Center and the Religious School—and the wonderful experiences that they have had at Temple Shir Tikva as a whole—have ensured that they, as I do, feel that TST is their home away from home. As founding members, my parents gave me the gift of TST, and I’m so grateful that my husband and I can now share that gift with our children.”

-Amanda Glynn, member since 1978