Parent Perspectives

“We have been so impressed with the well-rounded education the Early Learning Center has provided our daughter. The entire staff has created a welcoming and stimulating environment that breeds enthusiasm and fosters a true sense of family. From creative stories and art projects to timeless songs and traditions, the engaging activities make for a truly unique preschool experience.”

-Adam & Heather

“The ELC is everything we want from a preschool! It could be easy for the teachers to lump our four boys together, but they have appreciated each one as an individual and each one has thrived there. The added bonus is that the warm relationships extend beyond the classrooms; we have made so many wonderful friends at the ELC! Temple Shir Tikva and the Early Learning Center are truly our home away from home.”

-Amanda & Mo Glynn

“I moved to Wayland last summer mid-pandemic and felt extraordinarily lucky that my two sons landed at the ELC for the school year. Transitions are not easy for my kiddos, but the school has been an absolute dream and far and away exceeded our (admittedly high) expectations. The teachers are extremely dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate. The curriculum is very focused on integrating academic subjects into everyday life. The kids learned so much without even realizing it was so much more than play. Each kid took home a “journey book” at the end of the year that catalogued all the lessons, with photos of kids, artwork and detailed narratives with all the creative breakthroughs they made since September. I was pretty blown away by the investment of time in creating that customized chronicle for every child, and my gratitude for not having to do it myself was immense. The director is spectacular – warm, receptive, competent, and easy to work with. The community is so supportive and involved. I’m almost inclined to have a third child to stay connected after my kids go to kindergarten.”

-Sasha T.