T³ (tCubed): Team Teen Tikkun

T³ (tCubed): Team Teen Tikkun is an innovative, peer-led social action and giving program model. This year’s program is more immersive than EVER before, with engaging hands-on site visits, service day programs, and a community-building fall retreat.

Our reimagined program is guided by three foundational pillars:

Team: Our impact is strongest – and we are our best selves – when we work together.

Teen: Our teens have always had remarkable change-making power and agency. It is time we honor and hone that gift by giving them more direct control over their social action journeys.

Tikkun: Our world is broken – and we are obligated to do the work of repairing it. With tikkun olam (repairing the world) at the core of what we do, we center not only our empathy and passion, but the Jewish responsibility of working towards justice.

Over the year that tCubed meets, our teens will learn all about different avenues of social action and types of tikkun olam impact; explore and identify their individual and group Jewish values; and use their newfound knowledge to create a real, lasting change in our local and/or global communities!

tCubed will meet monthly on Sunday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm (timing subject to change), alternating between on-site service locations and Temple Shir Tikva. Stay tuned for details about our kick-off retreat for tCubed!

Contact Jenna Friedman for more information or questions.

In order to join Team Teen Tikkun (T³) in the coming year, you must: 

  1. Submit a Program Application. All teenagers who wish to join our T³ community, new and returning, must fill out the attached form. 
  2. Sign and return the T³ Brit Kehilah (community contract) with your Application. 
  3. Formally register for the program by registering for TSTeens (and selecting TCubed) on Shulcloud [COMING SOON!]. 
  4. Schedule a time to have a brief 1-on-1 with Jenna Friedman before the T³ Retreat on Saturday, October 5th, 2024.