Board of Trustees 2019-20

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Fiduciary Officers

President: Scott Cohen
President Elect: Harry Merkin
Treasurer: Michael Abrahams
Recording Secretary: Jane Horne
Assistant Treasurer: Ellen Herbordt

Governance and Operations

Leadership and Governance: Roy Lurie
Administration and Operations: Larry Rosen
Marketing and Communications: Brad Puffer
Development: Ginny MacDowell

Jewish Living

Childhood Education and Engagement: Jennifer Weiner
Teen Education and Engagement: Jackie Loren
Adult Engagement and Jewish Living: Doug Dolgov
Early Learning Center: Natasha Tofias
Spirituality and Worship: Dan Schneider
Social Justice and Community Connections: Michael Wadness

Inclusion Trustees

Interfaith Families and Inclusion: Rachel Sieber
New Membership: Michael Henrich

At Large Members

At large (Spirituality): Jeff Maimon
At Large (Welcoming & Retention): Laura Hyman
At Large (Board Development): Trudy Sonis