Our Mosaic Wall

In 2019, the Shir Tikva community commissioned local artist Joshua Winer to create the “Song of Hope” mosaic to commemorate Cantor Hollis Schachner’s chai (חי) milestone, 18 years of service. Embedded within the artwork are ceramic pieces handcrafted by temple members, stones brought back from Masada, and sea glass from the beaches of Tel Aviv.

The left panel, Song (Shir), vibrates with rich musical symbolism: Miriam’s timbrel, a songbird in a pomegranate tree, a musical staff/tallit bearing the notes and lyrics of Ma Gadlu.

The right panel, Hope (Tikva), brings color, sunshine, and Eternal Light (Ner Tamid). Hope is symbolized by Jerusalem’s gleaming domes, a dove carrying an olive branch, the words of Mi Chamocha, and the hand of Honi planting seeds for the future.


The mosaic welcomes all in our community to feel as if we are crossing together through swirling waters into the Promised Land to experience the wholeness of creation, symbolized by the seven species (Sheva Minim) named in the Torah.