Koach Leadership Circle Past Members

The Koach Leadership Circle recognizes the tremendous generosity of our members who contribute $5,000 or more to the Temple on an annual basis, exclusive of dues and fees. This amount is based on total contributions during the Fiscal Year, from July 1-June 30.

Koach means strength in Hebrew, and we appreciate these members, whose strength in giving helps support the Temple every year. To learn more about this opportunity, please contact Beth Goldfarb, Development and Communications Coordinator.


We gratefully acknowledge the inaugural members of the Koach Leadership Circle of 2020-2021:

Susan and Cary Benjamin
Diane and Chester Black
Susan and Scott Cohen
Ami and William Danoff
Stuart Falber
Loren and Jeff Feingold
Barbara and Jay Gainsboro
Nancy Lee Gossels
Beth and Larry Greenberg
Joanna and Jonathon Jacobson
Judith and Steven Kaye
Jacquelyn and Adam Loren
Virginia and Roy MacDowell

Janet and Edward Polansky
Wendy and Michael Price
Mary Beth Rettger and Roy Lurie
Debra and Richard Romanow
Rosalie R. and James H. Shane
Andi and Doug Shaw
Caryl and Gary Shaw
Wendy and Michael Simches
Myra and Robert Snyder
Trudy and Stephen Sonis
Laurene and Scott Sperling
Lee and Candace Steingisser