Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees and Committee Chairs 2016-2017

Members of the Executive Council are indicated by bold lettering.
Voting Members of the Board of Trustees are indicated by italic lettering. To contact a Board member please consult the Member Directory.

President: Matt Langweber

Past President: Julie Kniznik

Recording Secretary: Karen Pelto

Beit Tefillah (Worship) Vice President: Lee-Ann Yolin

Chair, B’nai Mitzvah: Marilyn Porter
Co-Chair Holiday Celebrations - Joyce Sharon 
Co-Chair Holiday Celebrarions - Loren Puffer
Co-Chair, Ritual: Bob Koster
Co-Chair, Ritual: Evelyn Neumeyer
Chair, Music/Choir: Kate Bell
Co-Chair Interfaith Families: Heather Meterparel
Co-Chair Interfaith Families: Mary Beth Rettger

Beit Midrash (Education) Vice President: Steve Rosenstein

Co-Chair, School: Laura Brande
Co-Chair, School: TBD
Co-Chair, Youth: Karen Zeff Rosen
Co-Chair, Youth: Ronnie Schejtman
AISH representative: TBD
AISH representative: TBD
Co-Chair, Adult Learning: Marcus Cohn
Co-Chair, Adult Learning: Beth Greenberg
Chair, Library: Susan Saul
Co-Chair, Cultural Arts: Candace Steingisser
Co-Chair, Cultural Arts: TBD

Beit Knesset (Gathering) Vice President: Ali Corton

Co-Chair, Brotherhood: Brad Puffer
Co-Chair, Brotherhood: Mitch Corton
Co-Chair, Sisterhood: Jen Cobe
Co-Chair Sisterhood: Jane Horne
Co-Chair, Membership: Bev Klau
Co-Chair, Membership: Jeff Lappin
Co-Chair, Reyim: Joan Lappin
Co-Chair, Reyim: Beth Volk
Co-Chair, Family Connections: Liz Vinsant
Co-Chair, Family Connections: Amy Nable
Chair, TST Players: TBD

Tikkun Olam Vice President: Wendy Newman

Co-Chair, Kesher: Karen Langweber
Co-Chair, Kesher: TBD
Co-Chair, Social Action: Meredith Roberts
Co-Chair, Social Action: TBD
Chair, Jewish Communal Affairs: Joyce Pastor
Co-Chair, Israel Connections: TBD
Co-Chair, Israel Connections: TBD

Governance Vice President: Roy Lurie

Chair, Human Resources: Scott Cohen
Co-Chair, Communications: Joan Blair
Co-Chair, Communications: Jon Sieber
Co-Chair, Leadership/Nominating: Trudy Sonis
Co-Chair, Leadership/Nominating: Phil Benjamin
Co-Chair, Strategic Planning: Marilyn Newman
Co-Chair, Strategic Planning: Dick Rossman

Finance & Operations Vice President: Jeff Maimon

Assistant Treasurer: Michael Abrahams
Chair, Arts & Recognition: Carole Osterer Bellman
Co-Chair, Development: Barry Miller
Co-Chair, Development: Susan Benjamin
Chair, Facilities: TBD
Chair, Information Technology: Mike Cohn

 At-Large Trustees
Jill Abend
Kate Bell
Mike Cohn
Susan Garfield
Amanda Glynn
Irene Gruenfeld
Stefanie Janoff
Brooke Stein