Yom Kippur Afternoon Program

October 5, 2022    
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Spirituality Reflection and Study
Mindful Movement with Holly Glick

Expand and deepen your spiritual experience of this sacred holiday through a gentle movement practice. Mindful Movement is offered as a pathway to encounter and embody the holiness of Yom Kippur. Through careful attention to the breath and body, return (t’shuva) to your truest and best self. All are welcome.

Mussar with Caryl Shaw

Yom Kippur is a time for reflection and renewed commitment to change for the better. How does the trait of Humility help with introspection? Which traits will be most helpful to you to affect change; perhaps Courage, Humility, Alacrity, Compassion? The study and practice of Mussar can help you determine where you will focus your efforts and provide a roadmap for your journey. People of all experience levels are welcome.

Meditation with Michelle Goldhaber

Meditation leader and Hebrew College rabbinical student Michelle Goldhaber will lead a reflective and contemplative session to help us in our introspection on this holy day. Using a combination of meditation, niggunim, breathing exercises, etc. we will explore themes such as compassion, forgiveness, relationship with self, others and G-d, letting go and looking ahead. No experience necessary, all are welcome!

Healing Service

Join our clergy for a service of reflective prayer, poetry, comfort, and care in community, for all of us in need of healing—for ourselves and those we love.