Closing Benediction for Yom HaShoah

Posted on May 1, 2019

Eloheinu shebeshamayim sheboreh hakol vebarech aleinu – Our God in Heaven, the Creator of all, and the One who brings blessing to us.

On this day, as we remember that darkest time in human history, we ask that we will be a generation that experiences light and not darkness, that brings peace and not violence, that shares love and not hate. May the words and stories that we have heard today inspire us to bring blessing into this world, may they strengthen our resolves to fight evil and hate wherever we encounter them, and may they remind us of the goodness and love that is in each and every one of us.

We ask for Your blessing upon this great nation and the brave men and women who serve in our American armed forces. Spread over them the shelter of Your peace and guide them on paths of righteousness, ensuring their safety and protection as they bring justice, hope, and peace to our world. And, through their courage and endeavor, may we all be privileged to know and savor the blessing of sanctuary, peace, and security.

Ken Yehi Ratzon – May this be God’s will, and let us say… Amen.