Programs of music, meditation,Torah, and yoga explore and nourish our spiritual selves using talented teachers in our community and outside resources. These innovative approaches have been designed to increase the depth and breadth of pathways to Jewish spirituality and deepen spiritual connections to ourselves and to one another.


“With the practice of yoga, you can look for, find, and reveal to the world the power and beauty of the mysterious hidden light within you.”

Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice linking breath and movement to enlighten body, mind, heart and soul. Jewish yoga helps us to find strength, flexibility and balance through the music and language of our tradition. Classes will be accessible to all levels of practice. Mats and blocks will be provided. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring water and a large beach towel, and a friend! Teachers: Rhonda Skloff, RYT 500 and/or Holly Friedman Glick, LICSW, RYT 500.


Jewish Meditation

Meditation is a spiritual discipline for quieting the mind so as to experience a more profound closeness to G-d. Jewish meditation is especially meaningful for those who sometimes feel that life could be more spiritually rich, with regular practice leading to a greater depth of perspective and providing for a calmer and more reflective life.

The Meditation Chavurah is for those seeking to develop or renew a practice. All are welcome—beginners, experienced learners, and anyone interested in discovering meditation through a Jewish lens. Facilitated by members of our Temple Shir Tikva Center for Jewish Spirituality Leadership Team and by guest teachers.

Mussar - Get in touch with the person you would like to be

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions - What kind of human being am I? What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses?

What can I do that will help me become a better person? How does who I am impact others and the world around me? Mussar offers an answer.

The study and practice of Mussar is a centuries old Jewish tradition that is as relevant today as it was 1000 years ago. You can live a meaningful, ethical life by examining your inner middot,soul traits, and cultivating behavior that is an expression of the best version of yourself. Through study, honest reflection and contemplative practices, you can become the person you would like to be. Mussar will guide you toward overcoming your inner obstacles so that you can improve the quality of you own character which will improve the quality of the relationships you have with others. Through personal transformation, you will improve the civility of the world in which we live.