Worship & Spirituality

Beit Tefillah

בית תפילה

Gather all the people together. Deuteronomy 31:12

Shabbat and Holiday worship at Temple Shir Tikva is a joyful, uplifting, spiritual gathering of our community. Our services are filled with music and opportunities for personal soulful and theological connections.

Shir Tikva uses Mishkan T’filah, the siddur of the Reform Movement as well as Kolot Shabbat, a siddur of our own design, reflecting our serious adherence to Jewish tradition and a love of innovation and creativity. The Torahs used in worship and ritual objects in the Sanctuary are described hereMembers and non-members alike are always welcome at all of our worship services and Torah Study classes. 

Tefillah in our community is designed to touch the heart, mind and spirit as we draw closer to one another in the bonds of a sacred community. Shir Tikva was founded by Jews from an eclectic group of backgrounds—Reform, Orthodox, Conservative, secular—and our worship style is nonjudgmental and inclusive. Shabbat at Shir Tikva is the perfect antidote to the pressures of a busy week. We invite you to come and add your voice to ours.

In addition to attending Shabbat and holiday services, many congregants are eager for knowledge of additional disciplines that nourish their Jewish minds, bodies, and souls. In response, we launched the TST Center for Jewish Spirituality, through which we have introduced new approaches to Jewish mind/body practices such as meditation, mussar, inner-awareness, and yoga.