Site credits

This site was designed and developed by Theory One Design in partnership with the staff of Temple Shir Tikva and dozens of volunteer members who wrote all the content.

Special thanks to ....

The Temple Shir Tikva Web Committee: Joan Blair, Peggi Cohen, Barbara Gold, David Passer, Jon Sieber, for their unfailing commitment, writing, editing, photography, technical acumen, and dogged attention to detail.


Kenneth S. Barron, photography
Robert Bellman, staff biographies
Jason Benjamin, music production
Alan Dines, photography, Northstar Photography
Karen Edwards, calendar
Rabbi Neal Gold, writing and editing contributions, blog, glossary
Marilyn Hirsch, Member Stories, Hirsch Communications,
Art Illman, staff and other photos, Art Through Photography
Michael Silbert, faculty photos
Toni Spitzer, calendar