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Why I'm Going to El Paso

07/27/2019 09:09:58 PM


Cantor Hollis Schachner

My grandparents and I were talking in their mid-century kitchy North Miami Beach living room when I got up the courage to ask them the question I'd long been wanting to put to them, but hadn't. I was afraid of what their answer might be. "Nana, Poppi, you were living in New York in the early 1940's, raising your family, building your business--what did you do about the news coming out of...Read more...

Parashat Acharei Mot

05/03/2019 08:37:18 PM


Rabbi Jordana Schuster Battis and Cantor Hollis Suzanne Schachner

R’ Jordi:

A few weeks ago, we read the story of the death of two sons of Moses’s brother Aaron, who die in the Israelites’ sanctuary in the Wilderness.

Immediately after their deaths, Aaron is initially entirely silent. Our commentators...Read more...

Gun Violence Action

03/02/2018 09:01:57 PM


Cantor Hollis Schachner

It is now almost two weeks since the massacre in Parkland, FL, which is still dominating the headlines, largely due to the outspoken activism of surviving teenage students. While our nation always mourns in shock, the aftermath is different this time and Rabbi Danny and I feel strongly that our TST response needs to be different, as well. People of good faith are naturally distressed and dismayed by tragic events, but it is often our...Read more...

Sun, May 9 2021 27 Iyar 5781