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Fall 2020 FAQs

TST Learning Program FAQs  


When do the learning programs begin? 

Sunday, September 13 will be the first Sunday meeting for Hineini (grades K-6).

Wednesday, September 16 will be the first Wednesday for grades 3-6 and for AISH (grades 7-12). Full calendar is below.


What is the schedule of my child’s classes?

You have enough uncertainty in your life right now. Our hope is to provide some stability and familiarity while also introducing some new elements, flexibility, and choice to your child’s Jewish learning experience. 

For now, you can continue to mark your calendars:

  • Sundays from 9am-11am (grades K-6)

  • Wednesdays from 3:30pm-5:30pm (for grades 3-6) 

  • Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm for AISH (grades 7-12). 

Depending on your child or teen’s age, they will be in their online space for 40-60 minutes during these Wednesday and Sunday windows. In addition, learners in grades 3-6 will choose a 30-minute time slot for small-group Hebrew learning. These days/times are spread out on different days to accommodate differences in schedules. There will also be times when we gather online as a whole community for singing, tefilah (worship) and mindfulness practice.


What about Hebrew? I don’t see that represented in the graphic.

So glad you asked! First of all, we should clarify that Hebrew is a part of ALL the learning we do… Jewish values, holiday learning, music, and prayer all include Hebrew vocabulary and Jewish life literacy. But when we talk about “Hebrew School” and Hebrew learning, we are most likely referring to DECODING-- learning to sound out and read Hebrew. One of the things we learned in the spring is that small group Hebrew decoding learning was VERY successful online. A major change we will pilot this fall is to offer small-group time with teachers (3-5 students) for 30-minute slots for concentrated decoding learning.


When will I be able to choose a Hebrew small group for my 3rd-6th grader?

We will be sending out a sign-up so you can choose a day/time for small-group Hebrew learning. We are really excited about this new structure! Your learners will get more individualized attention to sharpen their Hebrew decoding skills!


How will the curriculum be different this year?

Each month, we will explore a middah (character trait or value), following the concentric circles from the center (ourselves) outwards through our communities and the world. There will be opportunities for large group, small group, chavruta (pairs), and family learning. There will be times we are learning together, at the same time in an online space, and times when you will have instructions or videos for asynchronous learning on your own schedule.


What about AISH? Will my teen be able to choose electives?

Yes! Choice is such an important part of the learning experience.

AISH will look very similar to how you remember it – a weekly Wednesday night of learning and laughing together from 6-8pm, with elective class offerings for our different grades – and we are also excited to offer new monthly interest groups for teens.


In the interests of maximizing meaning and minimizing screen fatigue, each grade group (7th, 8th-10th, and 11th/12th) will have a 40 minute learning block.  

We will also be introducing “Community time” to replicate the social community time together during the AISH dinners we all know and love. This may look like all-AISH social activities (including Kahoots), or time in Breakout rooms to catch up with your closest friends.  


We are revamping the electives we are offering to speak to the current moment. TST teachers will lead explorations of Jewish values and practices in a modern world with opportunities to discuss current events, and arrange actions,  


How will we build community with so many kids in an online space?

My child is already has so much screen time. Are you saying there will be an additional 2-4 hours on a screen?

For the core learning (those 40-60 minute sessions, depending on age), we will be dividing each grade into smaller groups to enhance the opportunity for relationship-building. This means that for any given grade, your learner will not be 1 of 30 on the screen and will not be on the screen for 2 full hours. More details about this schedule will be coming, so for now, please block the times stated above.

We will continue using the Responsive Classroom methods we piloted last year to build social-emotional competencies and community and teachers will have specific learning around strategies for creating relational online spaces.


My child did not find the online classes engaging this past spring. Will they be different in the fall?

Yes. We brought our program online last spring with a moment’s notice. The fall will be different… The Education Team has been working all summer to hone online curricula, teaching techniques, and ways to infuse social-emotional learning into our program. We will continue our own learning and extend it to our teachers so we are prepared to greet your students in September with virtual hugs and a program rich in content and relationship-building opportunities. We strive to meet the needs of all of our learners. If you have additional concerns, specific to your child, please contact Alison Weikel ( to set up a time to talk.


How can I register?

  • Please log in to your account

  • Click on "My Account" 

  • Click on the box that says "Enrollments."  

  • You'll then be given the choice of enrolling into "Religious School 2020-2021" or "TSTeen 2020-2021." Follow the prompts and if you have more than one child in either grades K-6 or 7-12, you have to register them at the same time. 

  • If you have children in the two different programs, you will have to go through the registration process twice. 

  • If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Suga, Education Coordinator. 


Where can I find the calendar?

All Hineini (K-6 Religious School) and AISH (7-12) dates are on Temple Shir Tikva’s calendar.

Here are the Sundays and Wednesdays with some other special program dates to follow.


September                                                              February

Sundays:  13                                                            Sundays:  7, 28

Wednesdays:  16, 23, 30                                         Wednesdays:  3, 10, 24


October                                                                    March

Sundays:  4, 18, 25                                                   Sundays:  7, 14, 21

Wednesdays:  7, 14, 21, 28                                      Wednesdays:  3, 10, 17, 24, 31


November                                                                April

Sundays:  1, 8, 15, 22                                               Sundays:  11

Wednesdays:  4, 18                                                  Wednesdays:  7, 14, 28


December                                                                 May

Sundays:  6, 13, 20                                                   Sundays:  2, 16

Wednesdays:  2, 9, 16                                              Wednesdays:  5,12



Sundays:  10, 24, 31

Wednesdays:  6, 13, 20, 27


How will I find the schedule and my child’s class links?

We heard your feedback in the spring and we are working on centralizing a location for you to find links for all of TST’s learning programs, much like the home of the overall synagogue schedule.


Will we return to in-person classes again this year?

We sincerely hope we can be together as soon as it is safe. The news and guidelines change often, and we are fortunate to be working closely with our COVID Task Force to determine when we can return to the building.




Wed, August 4 2021 26 Av 5781