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Yom Kippur 2016

10/12/2016 05:05:47 PM


Rabbi Herman Blumberg

Grace – The Jewish Version Preface I do not recognize many of you. That is understandable and it is great. I retired over ten years ago and you represent the next generation of Shir Tikva. New faces, new families; you testify to the vigor and health of our congregation. Even this way it is good to meet you. And many of you are as familiar as a beloved old sweater. And that is very great for two reasons: 1) It is really nice to be together...Read more...

Eightieth Birthday Celebration

05/08/2015 09:41:10 PM


Rabbi Herman Blumberg

For weeks I kicked and screamed about this event, protesting all along the way. But as usual Paula was right, absolutely! This is fun and I am very pleased to be here; so grateful to each of you for your expression of friendship and for your making this birthday truly memorable. The Rabbis mark the progression of the years. Five is the age to begin the study of Scripture; ten, learning Mishneh; 18 – marriage; at forty, one gains wisdom....Read more...

Rosh Hashanah 2013

09/05/2013 09:30:32 PM


Rabbi Herman Blumberg

“What do you do?” It is a common conversation opener with someone we have just met. I use it often. Actually, my internal GPS wants to ask “Who are you?’ But that is a bit too confrontational for an initial conversation. We take a measure of a new person -– education? socio-economic level? Is he worthy of further engagement? -- by probing his place in the realms of commerce and society as we formulate them. Where do she fit in to...Read more...

Rosh Hashanah 2012

09/17/2012 12:28:19 PM


Rabbi Herman Blumberg

When a person knows that he is going to die within weeks or months. When the illness has already taken its toll in physical pain, emotional turmoil and ongoing indignity. When the burden on loved ones is obvious. When there seems to be nothing more to hope for, only more of the same with ever-growing intensity. He may say to his doctor, she may plead: “Give me the pill!” And we, standing close bye someone we love, feeling totally...Read more...

Rosh Hashanah 2011

09/29/2011 09:25:58 PM


Rabbi Herman Blumberg

Everyone has a story. Each of us has an inner narrative which defines who we are and how we present ourselves to the world. Most of us have joyful stories which generate our smiles and move us to reach out with kindness to those we touch. Inevitably, most of us can recount episodes or an ongoing theme that is harsh and sad and discouraging. Moments that prompt us sometimes to strike out with anger or bitterness. We want others to know and...Read more...

Rosh Hashanah 2010

09/09/2010 09:24:04 PM


Rabbi Herman Blumberg

1 The Measures of Our Years As Yogi Berra famously said, “This feels like déjà vu all over again!” It is good to be here this day! *** In the five years since I last stood on this bimah, I’ve thought a lot about time; what we do with it -- and in it --and about new ways to think about the content of our days. Did you ever take special notice how we are surrounded -- surround ourselves -- by instruments that measure the passage of...Read more...

Sun, October 25 2020 7 Cheshvan 5781