TST-ICB Softball Game - Play or Cheer on the Players

Join with friends and neighbors for a pick up softball game with the men of TST and the men of the ICB.

We will make teams and have a friendly 7-inning game.

Must be 15 years old to register (with a Dad playing)
Children under 10 must be supervised during the game (by a non-player)
You do not need a glove to sign up - we can all share!
Most importantly - it won't be taken seriously - fun only! Only sign up if your looking to have a good time!

Bring your family to watch and enjoy a Bring-Your-Own-Picnic at the field.

Memorial School - On the field near the playground
107 Eliot Street
Natick, MA 01760

Register to play at www.shirtikva.org/softball

For more information contact:
TST - Mike Cohn at mcohn@wolfandco.com
ICB - Fahd Khan at fahdakhan@gmail.com