TST Complimentary Membership Program

Temple Shir Tikva is now offering a Complimentary Membership Program (CMP). The CMP invites any first-time member/family to join with a free membership for their first year. School fees do apply, but all other programs and services, including religious services, social and educational programs and life cycle events are available for members to “try”. We are confident that once a new member/family “tries out” Temple Shir Tikva, they will enthusiastically continue their membership at regular dues rates in their second year and beyond.

Temple Shir Tikva is an inclusive and welcoming community that includes many interfaith families. It is critical in these times to ensure that the door is always open to everyone, and those who choose to become involved have a Jewish home away from home. As Rabbi Danny says, “the synagogue is the only place you can join any time and be a member for life.” The Complimentary Membership Program is a special and innovative program designed to reach individuals and families who are looking for a community to be part of. This program also follows the program that grants free temple membership to families of children enrolled in the Early Learning Center. Both programs are expected to contribute to the ongoing expansion of temple membership, and bring a group of members into the community who will bring new energy and ideas to the MetroWest synagogue.

Temple Shir Tikva has much to offer and the Complimentary Membership Program is an extension of our welcoming and inclusive congregation.

If you would like more information about our Complimentary Membership Program, please contact Toni Spitzer, 508-358-9992 or at tspitzer@shirtikva.org.