TST 2018-19 Annual Fund Report

2019 Annual Fund Giving Donor Report

Your expression of support to the Annual Fund reflects your commitment to the strength and life of our Temple. Because of your generosity, we are able to ensure that TST membership and participation in our sacred Jewish community is available to all. THANK YOU

Stars Kochavim $100,001 and above: William and Ami Danoff, Larry and Beth Greenberg, Steven and Judith Kaye

Righteous One Tzadikim $54,001 -$100,000: Scott and Laurene Sperling

Sustaining the World Lame d Vavnik $36,001 - $54,000: Roy Lurie and Mary Beth Rettger,

Light of Life Or haChayim $18,001 - $36,000: Adam and Jacquelyn Loren, Jonathon and Joanna Jacobson, Stephen and Trudy Sonis

Tree of Life Eitz Chayim $10,801 - $18,000: Chester and Diane Black, Jeffrey and Loren Feingold, Jay and Barbara Gainsboro, Richard and Debra Romanow, James and Rosalie Shane

Song of Hope Shir Tikva $5,401 - $10,800: Matthew and Sandra Meyerson, Steven Noyes and Susan Garfield, Edward and Janet Polansky, Jodi Raphael and Gabriel Miller, Robert and Myra Snyder

Sparks of Light Nizotzot $3,601 - $5,400: Peter and Jill Abend, Cary and Susan Benjamin, Susan and Scott Cohen, Stuart Falber, Jason and Sandra Honeyman, Jeff Maimon, Daniel Miller, John and Evelyn Neumeyer, Barry and Amy Shemin, Michael and Wendy Simches

Eternal Light Ner Tamid $1,801 - $3,600: Robert and Carole Bellman, Gary Bishop and Toby Serkin, Ethan and Sandra Bornstein, Michael and Jeri Cooper, Douglas and Mona Dolgov, Lawrence and Holly Glick, Maurice and Dena Hamilburg, Herbert and Karen Kavet, Robert Koster and Katherine Bell, Raju and Melanie Kucherlapati, Mark and Joan Lappin, Brian and Wendy Levey, Dennis Lombardo, Roy and Ginny MacDowell, Amy and Stephen Manchester, Barry and Karen Miller, Jeff and Karen Miller, Nan Morgart, Bruce and Joyce Pastor, Jim and Doreen Rao, Peter and Lisa Roblin, Daniel Schneider and Julie Kniznik*, Jonathan and Rachel Sieber, Douglas and Andi Shaw, Gary and Caryl Shaw, Ira and Linda Shoolman, Marvin and Joan Siflinger, David and Emily Singer, Candace and Lee Steingisser, Mark and Elizabeth Volk, Joan Warshaw

Repair the World Tikkun Olam $901 - $1,800: Scott and Andrea Armstrong, Stephanie and Jamie Cornell, Philip Benjamin and Melinda Milberg, Marcus and Jane Cohn, John and Marilyn Darack, Joan Feinberg Berns, Velma Frank, Richard Friedman and Nancy Goldstone, Michael and Leslie Gaffin, Chris and Julie Gordon, Stephen and Melanie Hoenig, Jason and Stefanie Janoff, Morris and Maschia Kaplan, Jeffrey and Jill Karp, Herb Kimiatek, Marc and Jayne Lampert, Matthew and Karen Langweber, Steven and Pamela Lesser, Jeff and Laraine Levy, Matthew and Karen Levy, Richard and Barbara Melvoin, Adam and Wendy Newman, Marilyn Newman, Edward Perlman and Betsy Huntley, Robert and Debra Polansky, Michael and Wendy Price, Noel and Daniela Raphael, Alan and Cathy Regensburger, Paul and Annette Roberts, Jessica Rubinstein, Zachary Sadek and Rebecca Sommers, Lawrence and Jane Salk, Donald Schuler and Joan Blair, Joshua and Nancy Solomon, Adam and Elizabeth Stavisky, Richard and Diane Tutin, Kenneth and Cynthia Wagner, Garry and Bette Weiner, Jeffrey West and Amy Davis West, Julie and Mark Wolbarst, LeeAnn Volin

House of Study Beit Midrash $541 - $900: Michael Abrahams, Neil Aresty and Estie Rappaport, Tevyah and Karen Dines, Michael Eliastam, Mark and Rachel Fabulich, Nancy Gossels and Peter Gossels z"l, Jeffrey and Lisa Greenberg, Martin and Ellen Herbordt, Marc and Diane Homer, Richard and Shetal Kaye, Michael and Alexandra Mirman, David and Elaine Polansky, Paul and Marcia Rosenberg, John and Fran Rosenheim, Robin Schreier and Steven Scari

House of Assembly Beit Knesset $181 - $540: Anonymous (3), Suzi Allen, Seth and Rabbi Jordi Battis, Ellen Blocker, Rabbi Herman and Paula Blumberg, Peter and Miriam Borden, Ronald and Claudia Braunstein, Jayson and Irma Brodie, Betty Brudnick, Rabbi Danny Burkeman and Micol Zimmerman, Michael Cohn and Renee Bender-Cohn, Barry and Heidi Daitch, Michael and Christina Donowitz, Serna Faigen, David Friend and Susan Ruskin Friend, David and Jeanne Goldner, Michael and Anne Gottlieb, Andrew and Sharon Gritzuk, Peter Gross, Jerome and Susan Haber, Rachel and Joshua Heckler, Fred Hopengarten and Betty Herr, Jonathan and Jane Horne, Steven and Edie Hotchkiss, Tamara lndianer and Angela Quadrini, Wayne and Judy Keseberg, Mark and Mia Kheyfetz, Max and Beverly Klau, John and Theresa Levinson, Allen and Michelle Lieberman, David Lustig and Joanne Yorks, Frank and Janice Malkin, Patrick and Deborah Mead, Naushirwan and Dara Mehta, Harry and Deborah Merkin, Harvey and Amy Michaels, Lynn Nathanson and Ted Rozsa, David Neumeyer and Stella Chow Neumeyer, Marilyn Porter and Gerald Friedler, Judith Riegelhaupt, Sander and Lauren Rikleen, Larry and Meredith Roberts, Carl Rosenblatt and Randi Sterrn, Stuart and Maxine Rosenthal, Richard and Nancy Rossman, William and Barbara Savel, Cantors Hollis Schachner and Jeffrey Stock, Andrei and Liliane Schor, Bruce Shackleton and Elizabeth Fineberg, Eric and Elizabeth Shienbrood, Joel and Nancy Shulman, Leonard and Joan Shulman, Scott and Erica Silverman, Robert and Rhonda Skloff, Daniel and Cindi Slater, Ethan and Elizabeth Sobol, Arnold and Charmian Sperling, Justin and Tamar Steinman, Nancy Tharler, Bruce and Deborah Tofias, Zachary and Natasha Tofias, Richard and Alayne Tresch, Robert and Alison Weikel, Jeffrey and Jennifer Weisberg, Larry and Melinda Whitman, Adam Wisnia, Maryann Wyner, Jonathan Zarkower and Rhonda Sheller, Gregory and Natalie Zelyakovsky, Yuval and Jill Zukerman

Commandment Mitzvah $36 - $180: Anonymous (2), Jonathan and Jessica Adani, Michael and Susan Altman, Jay and Carol Atlas, Zackary and Sheri Barron, Barbara Bell, Alan and Nancy Bergstein, Gene Berkowitz and Karen Pelto, Bruno Berszoner and Jennifer Cabe, Rick and Beverly Blatz, Zachary and Josepha Blocker, David and Rochelle Bloom, Bentsion and Irina Boverman, Richard and Laura Brande, Michael and Rachel Bratt, Scott and Risa Burgess, Kenton and Jodi Chase, Stuart and Ellen Chasen, Kenneth and Cheryl Chernack, Nikolay Chernyayev and Olga Shmuylovich, Donald and Joanne Clausen, David and Alicia Cohen, Mitch and Ali Corton, Sheila Deitchmanz"l, Allan Dines and Heidi Tissenbaum, David and Laura Eisen, Nancy Falkof, Bernard and Phyllis Feingold, Arthur Fine, Bob and Suzanne Fine, Alan and Roberta Freed, Andrew and Jessica Gelles, Marcia Gitlitz, Brian and Jody Gladstein, Martin and Amanda Glynn, Jim Goodman and Robin Tapper, William and Joanne Goodman, Neil and Joyce Gordon, Paul and Lorraine Greiff, Christopher and Sandy Hinckley, Cliff and Marilyn Hirsch, Barbara Holtz, Ross and Melissa Homer, Charles and Judith Huizenga, Scott and Laura Hyman, Jeffrey and Cantor Marcie Jonas, Joan and Michael Kalafatas, Kenneth and Elaine Kaye, Scott and Marcia King, Bryan and Jillian Kohl, Barry and Robin Kostin, Jonathan and Melissa Krochmal, Ken and Karen Krowne, Diana Levinson, Jamie and Bonnie Levy, Pearl Libenson, Scott Machanic and Linda Zaccagnini, David Mahlowitz and Vicki Wells, Craig and Jenna Marion, Susan Meade, Jeffrey Merritt and Irene Gruenfeld, Robert and Elizabeth Meyer, Joe Meyers and Estelle Burg, Michael and Rochelle Nemrow, Victor Nussbaum and Karen Margolis, Nicholas and Amy O'Donnell, John and Sally Ralen, Steve Richmond and Julie Weinstein, Fayanne Riegelhaupt, Leslie Rosenblatt, Shirley Rubinstein, Joel Sadagursky and Phyllis Kido-Sadagursky, Ira and Judy Sager, Sara Salomon, Eric Schwartz and Gayle Tillman, Liar and Joyce Sharon, Jordan and Brenda Shatsoff, Martin and Carol Shulman, Arnold and Rena Soslow, Alexandra Statland and Reynold Knopf, Matthew and Brooke Stein, Wendy Sternburg, Joseph and Diane Stone, Tyler and Rachel Sundet, Michael and Ellen Suvalle, Jeff and Heather Swartz, Jodi Swartz, Robert and Lonnie Swarz, Jonathan and Kerri Tabasky, Lucien and Marge Teig, Michael Wadness and Cindy Shore Wadness, Michael and Jennifer Weiner, Kenneth and Laura Wernick, Marty and Carol Wiadro, Gilbert and Alison Yaker, Alec and Jenna Zadek, Holly Zaitchik

*omitted from prior publications