Temple Shir Tikva is supporting ARZA’s (Association of Reform Zionists of America) Campaign for Religious Equality in Israel and we are looking for you to get involved

In recent weeks we have witnessed the arrest of a Conservative Rabbi in Israel for the crime of performing a Jewish wedding. The Nation State Law was passed by the Israeli Knesset which downgraded the status of the Arabic language, undermined efforts to advance religious pluralism, and gave legal sanction to discrimination against marginalized groups. Another piece of legislation was passed excluding same sex couples from adopting children through surrogacy.

To learn more about what is happening in Israel you can read Rabbi Danny’s sermon “Are we losing Israel?" (July 27, 2018) – click here to read it.

Im Tirzu Eyn Zo Agada – If you will it, it is no dream

The ARZA Campaign for Religious Equality in Israel

Recent attacks on Progressive Jewish values in Israel make it clear that now is the time to stand up and be counted to ensure the future of the Jewish State as an Open, Pluralistic, and Democratic society. Together we can:

  • Support our ability to win battles in the Knesset and the Courts. 
  • Grow the Reform Movement in Israel by building new congregations.
  • Strengthen the impact of the Israeli Reform Movement's public awareness campaign

What can we do?

ARZA are seeking to raise $3600 from every Reform congregation across North America to support the Campaign. We have been able to commit 50% of what is being asked for and we are asking you to help us to raise the other 50%.

If you would like to make a donation to support this work please contact Toni Spitzer in the office tspitzer@shirtikva.org, or you can send a check to the synagogue marked “Campaign for Religious Equality”.

To learn more about ARZA and the work that they are doing you can visit their website www.arza.org