Sign Up for Men's Softball

We invite you to join the two-time champion TST Men's Softball Club. We are looking for new players for our two teams in the Men's Shul Softball League. All skill levels welcome. We need your commitment now - signups have already started, and the league requires us to have full teams by January 7. The regular season runs from April 8 - June 10, 2018. The eight or nine games (TBD) are on Sundays from 10 a.m - Noon, and we play teams from shuls around the region. Visit for more information about the league.

To qualify, you must be 25 or older. You must also be a member of Shir Tikva or the son of a member, or have a student enrolled in the TST Early Learning Center. The fee is $70, and the league offers a 50% break on the fee for those who request it. The is also an additional one-time uniform fee of approximately $65.

For those seeking to start swinging even sooner, come join us in the batting cages on Tuesday December 19 at 7:30 p.m. at Frozen Ropes in Natick followed by an informal meet and greet at SkyBoxx.If you are interested, contact club General Manager Steve Safran at