Sell Your Chametz for Passover

For seven days you shall eat matzah... No chametz will be found in any of your domain." (Exodus 13:7) For many Jewish families, the Mitzvah of not owning any chametz (leavened products) on Pesach is taken quite literally, and we follow the tradition of selling it off before the holiday so that, in fact, we own no chametz whatsoever when the holiday arrives.

Once again, Shir Tikva is offering to SELL all of your family's chametz in fulfillment of this tradition. All you need to do is segregate any chametz that is remaining in your home into a discreet box or cabinet and fill out the "Intent to Sell" form that the Temple will provide you. If you would like Rabbi Danny to sell your chametz in fulfillment of the Mitzvah of mechirat chametz, please return this form to Karen Edwards in the Temple no later than Monday, March 26.