Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project Partnership

Temple Shir Tikva is honored to have been selected as a new Partner and grant recipient in the Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project, a joint program of the Ruderman Family Foundation and Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP). Our grant proposal sets a timeline for TST to work over the next two years on a variety of projects in our building and community to create a more inclusive space around physical and emotional needs. We hope to join with partners across our congregation (you) who will share your experiences and expertise about what it means to feel included across boundaries of physical and emotional needs.

Whenever you yourself are ready for a conversation about what it is, could be, or should be to be part of an inclusive community, please make a date to talk with Rabbi Jordi, any of the other clergy, Brooke Stein-Trustee of Interfaith Families and Inclusion, or any other member of the Board of Trustees. We will have broader opportunities to learn from each other as well (surveys and learning sessions) through this grant, but personal conversation is always best, and we are eager to know your story.