In the Aftermath of Las Vegas

On Rosh Hashanah we talked about being humans who are super, using our power to help make our world a better place. On Kol Nidrei we considered the importance of judging ourselves and whether our values are in line with the way that we live. On Yom Kippur morning we focused on the need to move from a state of denial to get angry and act.

The words ring loudly today as we awoke to the dreadful news emerging out of Las Vegas. Today we will once again go through the routine of politicians saying their thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and the first responders. And once again we have to say that “thoughts and prayers” are not enough. Now is the time for action to do something about the gun violence epidemic that is affecting our country.

You can read more about the work that the Religious Action Center are doing in relation to Gun Violence Prevention here this page also includes suggestions of action that you can take. And as a first step here is a letter from the Religious Action Center urging our politicians not to weaken a law that regulates the sale of gun silencers: And here is the sermon Rabbi Danny delivered in the aftermath of the San Bernardino shooting: it is unfortunately again relevant today.

If you are interested in getting involved and finding ways to take action on this issue, please do contact us and we will set up a meeting in the forthcoming weeks.Today we won’t simply send our thoughts and prayers to the victims, their families and the first responders; instead we will commit ourselves to act to prevent future tragedies.

Rabbi Danny Burkeman
Cantor Hollis Schachner
Matthew Langweber. President
Wendy Newman, Social Justice & Community Connections Board Member