Music & the Arts

Muzika v’Tarbut

מוזיקה ותרבות

Welcome to Music and the Arts at Temple Shir Tikva! Music is at the very heart of Jewish worship, so much so that the role of hazzan, cantor, evolved over the centuries to be the beautiful voice that sang on behalf of the assembled community, carrying their prayers up to God with exquisite grace.

At Temple Shir Tikva, it has been my privilege to empower our congregation to cultivate its own voice, a voice both collective and artful. As congregation and Cantor, we share in the ‘joyful noise’ of singing to God in all of our Shabbat and holiday services. We also draw upon the immense talent in our community, as we are blessed with many wonderful singers in our Adult and Youth Choirs, as well as gifted instrumentalists in our intergenerational band, Shir Chutzpah. In the years to come we look forward to finding new and creative ways to join our voices together in a vibrant, dynamic Song of Hope.

Cantor Hollis Schachner


Cantor Schachner accompanied by Jonathan Zakower, a frequent Shabbat musical guest.