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Jewish Living


Jewish Living at Temple Shir Tikva embodies what we do and who we are.  The Jewish journey and the values associated with it center on making our world a better place than we found it

Social Justice 

Social Justice at TST includes many programs and causes, and enlists active participation of our members throughout the year. Through our actions we enthusiastically support many organizations both in our MetroWest area as well as globally, including transforming into a shelter for homeless families for several weeks each year, welcoming those less fortunate into our sacred building.

The Center for Jewish Spirituality

Jewish living is also looking within ourselves to connect with our total being. The Center for Jewish Spirituality at Shir Tikva offers a variety of compelling programs for learners of all levels and is a unique entity for Jewish identity in MetroWest. Expert teachers lead members through self-evaluation, self-improvement and better understanding of the world around us.

Social Programming

At TST we engage in a variety of Social Programming with different cohorts gathering for camaraderie and activities. Community-wide events focusing on music, food, sports, fun activities, performance and learning are available.

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