Welcoming Your Child's Significant Other Into Your Jewish Home - Part 2
June 23, 2019 - 5:30pm

Has your adult child brought home a partner who was different than you expected?
Have you thought about ways your child and his/her partner can feel welcome while with each other’s families?
How can their various backgrounds bring happiness in their marriage and through parenthood? Please join us for a stimulating, informal and safe discussion about navigating the complexities of these important relationships.

Come hear from our panel of 3 congregants about their journey as a participant, parent or grandparent and learn from their experiences.

Join us for this free BBQ & Discussion which will be held in a congregant’s home. If you cannot join us for the BBQ, please come for the discussion which will begin 7pm.

Deadline for signing up is Wednesday June 19th. When you sign up, you will receive details and the location for the event.

RSVP at www.shirtikva.org/welcoming.

For more information, contact Randi Sterrn at sterrn@comcast.net.

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