Metrowest LGBTQ Jewish Education Collaborative
May 23, 2019 - 7:00pm

Metrowest LGBTQ Jewish Education Collaborative

Temple Shir Tikva is honored to be one of the sponsors of the upcoming Metrowest LGBTQ Jewish Education Collaborative discussion series.  Together with Jewish Family Service of Metrowest (JFS) and other congregations around our area, starting this month, we will engage in a six-part conversation about building communities that acknowledge, welcome, and embrace people across LGBTQW identities—and about how our own Jewish traditions are reflected in our families, across the spectrum of gender and sexuality. 

All members of the Metrowest Jewish community are invited to join us for open, honest, in-depth conversation on topics including: 

  • How can our Jewish communities seek internal transformation around topics of LGBTQ inclusion?
  • How do gender and sexuality define each of us?
  • Regardless of our own orientations or named identities how do the concepts of gender and sexuality distinguish and unite us?
  • How does the intersectionality of these identities influence our relationships, in our families as well as in our congregations and communities?

This six-part series will be professionally facilitated and will meet at different Metrowest synagogues and JFS, beginning this month. 

March 11- Sharing Space at Temple Israel of Natck

March 27-Sharing our Stories at Jewish Family Service in Framingham

April 4- Buliding safe spaces, brick by brick at Congregation Beth El

May 9- Buliding Safe Spiritual Spaces at Temple Beth Am

May 23 - Coming Out: A family affair at Temple Shir Tikva

June 5 - Creating open ceremonies - Jewish LGBTQ life cyle events at Temple Israel of Natick

In this journey, TST joins Temple Beth Am of Framingham, Temple Israel of Natick, Congregation Beth El of Sudbury, Keshet (, OutMetrowest, and JFS, with sponsorship by  Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP).  We hope you will lend your ear and your experience, as we strive to continue our way toward a more open and affirming Jewish community in Metrowest




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