Redefining and Redirecting Yourself: Transitioning Through the Years
February 10, 2019 - 7:00pm

Panel Discussion with Rabbi Herman Blumberg, Authors Elinor Svenson and Betsy Epstein and TST member Mary Beth Rettger MBA, MA Applied Positive Psychology

This discussion will explore the possibilities amidst transitions we experience at different times in life, by choice or due to circumstance. The panel includes Rabbi Herman Blumberg who will share his personal journey with us; Elinor Svenson and Betsy Kaplan, authors of the book Still Becoming which reveals nuances of the transitions of those they interviewed; and Mary Beth Rettger, TST member, who will discuss her experience of following her passion and making a courageous mid-career transition.  

Please join us for this stimulating evening around a cozy fire at the home of a congregant. Dessert refreshments will be served. Please register at

All are welcome.

Sponsored by Reyim

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