Simchat Babayit Inclusion Shabbat
January 11, 2019 - 6:15pm


Please join us Friday evening (January 11) we will be turning our focus on mental health and well-being.  Please join us for Shabbat evening services as usual (at 6:15), and stay for a casual dinner following the service.  As part of our Shabbat service, we will have the chance to hear a profound personal story.  We will continue the conversation over dinner about how we can help each other bring our whole selves to our Temple community.  Our dinner is sponsored by Babayit (“In the House”), a Shir Tikva committee looking at matters of mental health, addiction, and special needs.  

 We request that you please RSVP to the dinner at, so that we can be sure to order the right amount of food.  You can also sign up at that same link for childcare (available during dinner only, by pre-registration).  



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