Wednesday Morning Study
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What is the most read book in the Jewish library?

Every day, three times a day, we are supposed to pick up the Siddur and recite the words of our liturgy. But how well do we know the prayers? Do we understand what it is that we are saying? What are some of the hidden messages from the Rabbis? And what is the history of these prayers that we assume have always been a part of our service?
Over the coming year we will have an opportunity to take a deep dive into our Siddur, exploring the prayers and our liturgy. Through a close reading of the texts, an exploration of commentaries, and a consideration of the history we will bring ourselves closer to the words that we recite in our services.

While we hope that people will be able to join us every week, we hope that the course will also be accessible for people who can only attend the occasional class.
Over the course of the year this class will be taught by Rabbi Danny, Rabbi Jordi and Cantor Hollis.

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