Jewish Journey Group
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Jewish Journey Group Pilot

Are you ready to awaken more fully to your own Jewish Journey? We are looking for a small group of intrepid souls willing to pilot this new and innovative approach to spiritual development and community building.

The Jewish Journey experience is a four-session small group reflective learning journey for adults who are interested in becoming more present to the meaning Judaism has in their lives. The four sessions will occur at the Temple at the following dates and times:


Tuesday, May 1, 6:00-9pm

Tuesday, May 8, 7:30-9pm

Tuesday, May 15, 7:30-9pm

Tuesday, May 29, 7:30-9pm

Space is limited to 20 participants and individuals will be enrolled on a first come, first served basis. The program will be run be community member Dr. Max Klau, who is an expert at the creation of spaces that promote transformational reflection.

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Contact Max Klau at with any questions!

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