TST Center for Jewish Spirituality: Kabbala – A Glimpse From The Inside
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In collaboration with Hebrew College and CJP’s Open Circle Jewish Learning program, Temple Shir Tikva Center for Spirituality is pleased to offer:


Imagine a group of young New York City professionals, sitting around a great scholar of the Kabbala, trying to understand his life’s work.  He delays any reference to the subject and when finally asked he gives the shocking response that he would rather share the intimacies he has with his wife than to talk about such a topic!  After a tour of thoughts on what we believe in, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz suggests that we carefully read his book “The Thirteen Petalled Rose.”  This series of classes will focus on this amazing book, combined with various selections from the Zohar and Hasidut.  This study and discussion is intended for those who have a deep spiritual hunger and are searching to nourish their souls.

Text:  “The Thirteen Petalled Rose” by Adin Steinsaltz


1.      Kabbalah and the Search for Reality

2.      Worlds

3.      Divine Manifestation

4.      The Soul of Humans

5.      Holiness

6.      Torah

7.      The Way of Choice:  An Answer to Ethics

8.      The Human Image

9.      Repentance

10.  The Search for Oneself

This course will be taught by Rabbi Dov Bard who has served as a pulpit rabbi and devoted his career to Jewish education, most recently at Gann Academy.  Dov has a particular interest in Jewish mysticism, and using the words of R. Abraham Joshua Herschel, Dov describes himself as not just a “searcher,” but also as inspired to view Torah as “an answer to man’s ultimate questions.” He believes that “our primary task when we learn is to rediscover the really deep questions of our lives to which religion is an answer.”

Through study and discussion, this class will examine “kabbalah from the inside”

Homework will include reading assignments from The Thirteen Petalled Rose by Adin Steinsaltz.  

Please purchase text prior to class.

Tuesday evenings February 27, March 6, 13, 20, 27, and April 3   7:30 - 9 pm

Class is limited to 12 participants.

Course cost is $120. Scholarships are available. Please speak with Cantor Schachner.  

Register at https://register.hebrewcollege.edu/open-circle-salons/  Select “Kabbalah-A Glimpse From The Inside“ from the class menu.


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