Adult Education: Rabbi Herman Blumberg: In Search of Faith - The Dilemma for Moderns
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For we moderns, always in search of certainty, the notion of  “faith” that transcends rational thought is hard to absorb. And yet, we know that science and logic do not provide satisfactory answers to the most profound questions of life.

In a classic essay, The Lonely Man of Faith, Rabbi Joseph B. Soleveitchikz”l  explores this dilemma by careful examination of the two portraits of  Adam (Ahdahm) presented in the first chapters of Genesis. We will study this essay slowly, unpacking its richness with the hope of finding new insights for our own spiritual journeys.

Participants are asked to read segments of the essay in preparation for each class, approximately 35 pages for each of the three sessions.

Classes will be held on May 9, 16, 23

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