Making Meaning of Kashrut: Monday evenings with Rav Rebecca Weinstein
Meets as Scheduled

Classes will be held on: 11/6, 11/13, 11/27, 12/4

Kashrut is more than not eating milk and meat together and avoiding forbidden foods. It too, is to help develop a deeper understanding of the ways in which we live in relationship to the world around us and care for our bodies.

Studying Kashrut in rabbinic literature is a perfect lens to view the complex, questioning world of our rabbis and to see the multiple perspectives that exist on any one topic. By looking at biblical and religious sources, this course will focus on how each one of us can find meaning in the teachings of kashrut regardless of whether we keep kosher.

Session's will include :

Biblical Origins of Kashrut: More Than Just Do’s and Don’ts

Rabbinic Tradition and Kashrut: One Law, One Hundred Interpretations

Tzar Ba’alei Chayyiim: Ethical Treatment of Animals

Shmirat HaGuf: Taking Care of Our Bodies Spiritually and Physically

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