Sisterhood Book Group
February 13, 2018 - 7:30pm

The Ladies Auxiliary, Tova Mirvis

 A tale told in third person plural. A tale of a society that is unchanging, or so it thinks...
It resides in the intersection of Kaaterskill Falls and the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Tova, aged 27, was raised in a Yiddish speaking Orthodox household in Memphis Tennessee, y'all. She now resides in Memphis on the Hudson... New York City (and yes, guys, she is married and has a newborn baby. She edited the book during prescribed bedrest). This book recreates Southern Orthodox Jewish life that can be both warm yet suffocating, sensitive yet insular. The protagonist in this novel is a 34 year old Jewish woman named Batsheva Jacobs. A blonde convert to Judaism, she is a widowed painter with a five year old daughter, Ayala. Batsheva dresses smartly, sings loudly in shul, and washes at the mikva. These things are just not done in Memphis. She lets her art students wear makeup. And then there is a rumor that Mimi Rubin's boy, the Rabbi's son, has taken an interest in Batsheva. Batsheva's approach to spirituality and her role divides the community and embroils it in a fight for its soul and mission.

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