Jewish and Muslim Narratives in Conversation with Professor Shari Lowin
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Feb 7, Feb 21

March 21

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May 22 (note: this is a Tuesday)

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As brother religions vying for the same sacred history, Islam and Judaism trace the genesis of their spiritual and biological communities back to the very same founding parents. Yet Islam is not Judaism, Muslims are not Jews, and vice versa. Rather the two traditions are, and understand themselves to be, distinct entities with distinct value systems. And yet, these (sometimes) differing values often derive from surprisingly similar origin narratives. By comparing the Jewish and Muslim accounts of these shared Biblical ancestors, as well as the often colorful exegesis and the lesson thereby imparted by each tradition on these narratives, this course will investigate various matters of moral and ethical concern to these communities.

Possible topics include:

Free Will and Predestination through the accounts of Abraham and Moses; Cain, Abel and Social Evil; Job and the Question of Theodicy: Sodom and Sexual Morality: Just War Theory; Noah and Divine Command Morality vs. Natural Morality; Jonah and Sin: Penance, and Forgiveness.

Shari Lowin, Ph.D is associate professor of religious studies at Stonehill College. She previously taught at the University of

Chicago, Brooklyn College and Yeshiva University.

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