Parenting Your Tween Through A Jewish Lens
Meets as Scheduled

Offered in partnership with Hebrew College

 In Parenting Through a Jewish Lens, parents and teachers come together, learning from Jewish wisdom that enriches them and their families.

  • Explore core values that can strengthen your family
  • Learn with expert instructors who understand your concerns as a parent
  • Enjoy rich conversations with other parents on topics that matter

Participants come from all backgrounds and include interfaith couples, LGBTQ parents, single parents and those raised in other faiths.

Learn from both ancient and contemporary sources of wisdom that you are not alone in your journey through this complicated life stage.

Parenting Your 'Tween Through a Jewish Lens creates a supportive community of parents where they will explore compelling Jewish texts and traditions and share stories and ideas about raising preteens. 

   The sessions are:

  1. Parenting Through a Time of Change
  2. Permitting New Freedoms and Communicating Effectively with Your Tween
  3. Guiding Tweens Towards Mindful Speech
  4. Cultivating Jewish Identity in Our Tweens
  5. Fostering an Ethic of Caring

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