TST Social
December 14, 2017 - 7:30pm

TST Social and BUNCO - Thursday 12/14/17 and Thursday 1/11/18 - 7:30pm 

In addition to the usual Texas Hold 'em we will also be featuring BUNCO!!!    Learn and play bunco - it is a social game so help us recruit more than the minimum of 12 needed! Dice are rolled at tables of four so bring your friends! 

Couples welcome! No prior skill necessary to play. (We had a lot of fun last month!) We will also have refreshments. There is a $5 charge to cover the cost of refreshments. (Note an additional $15 will be charged for those playing poker to cover prizes). For planning purposes please RSVP to Jen Cobe (jcobe@hotmail.com) Sisterhood chair,  Mike Wadness (mjwadness@verizon.net), or Adam Dehner (adammdehner@gmail.com) Brotherhood co-chairs.



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