Grade 5

Jewish Studies

Unit One: Getting to Know Israel Through Interactions With Our Friends
The Yachdav: School-to-School Israel-Diaspora Virtual Mifgash Program aims to cultivate meaningful connections between Jewish fifth grade students in Israel and in the Diaspora. The basis of these connections is getting both groups in touch, through a mutual learning experience, with what they have in common—Jewish content and values—while at the same time, giving them the opportunity to explore each group’s unique identity as citizens of different cultures and countries. This program includes a video conference with the students’ Israeli counterparts.

Unit Two: Reviewing Our Jewish Year
Students review the rhythm and flow of the year through the use of a spiral curriculum especially developed for Shir Tikva.

Ivrit (Hebrew Language Studies)

Students continue to work on understanding key words and phrases and explaining the meaning of each blessing and prayer. As the year progresses, reading fluency improves.  In

Tefillah (Prayer)

Students continue to review the prayer service, with a special focus on the Amidah (the central prayer in the service)  ~ in particular, the Avot/v’Imahot (Thanking God of our fathers and mothers) and the G’vurot (Praising Awesome God).  They will have the opportunity to practice these, and the prayers they have learned in previous years during our weekly Wednesday Tefillah service for grades 3-6, in our beautiful sanctuary where they will have time for engaging and reflective, personal, and communal prayer.  Students sit by Tefillah team.  Tefillah teams consist of a blend of students from each grade; siblings are often on the same team.  Throughout the year, they will review sanctuary etiquette and learn the choreography of the prayers they are learning.  Once a month, they participate in our Sababa Sunday community tefillah for grades 2-6.  Parents are encouraged to join us.

Our fifth graders are invited to play a special role in leading one of our Simchat Shabbat Friday evening services, followed by a communal Shabbat dinner and celebration.


Students learn songs, and sometimes hand motions, related to the Jewish holidays, and themes of study.


The teacher and children will choose a tzedakah cause or causes to learn about and collect funds for each year.

Family Education

Sunday Program: Introduction to Bar/Bat Mitzvah
This meeting marks the beginning of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process for the family. All elements of the process are introduced to parents and children.Our Rabbi speaks to the families and shares his philosophy about becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Students will create a significant piece of Judaica that they will use during their Bar/Bat Mitzvah and beyond.


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