Grade 2

Jewish Studies

Unit One: Examining Mitzvot
Children learn about and experience ethical Mitzvot between people.

Unit Two: Reviewing Our Jewish Year
Students continue to deepen their understanding of the rhythm and flow of the year as they learn about the Jewish calendar and experience the Jewish holidays, the cycle of seasons and growing a year older.

Unit Three:  Israel

Students will learn why Israel is called the Jewish homeland, learn about where Israel is located, major cities, bodies of water and regions, the size of Israel relative to other places with which they are familiar, countries that surround Israel, weather, food, language, and a bit of history.

Ivrit (Hebrew Language Studies)

During second  grade, students will learn to name each letter, and to be introduced to the vowels.  They will combine letters and vowels to make syllable sounds.  Students continue to learn vocabulary words and their meanings, as well as how to write Hebrew.  In our Hebrew Through Movement program, they will respond to simple Hebrew verbs through various fun actions.

Tefillah (Prayer)

Students review the blessings they have learned in prior years and are also introduced to specific blessings for the holidays of Sukkot and Passover. They will also learn the blessing for the study of Torah and practice singing Hatikvah during music.  Once a month they participate in our Sababa Sunday community tefilah for grades 2-6.  Parents are encouraged to join us.


Students learn songs, and sometimes hand motions, related to the Jewish holidays and themes of study.


The teacher and chldren will choose a tzedakah cause or causes to learn about and collect funds for each year.

Family Education

Sunday Program: Doing Mitzvot: Tzedakah and Gemilut Chasadim

Parents are introduced to the overall themes of the Grade 2 mitzvah curriculum, learning the difference between tzedakah (doing righteous acts) and gemilut chasadim (acts of loving kindness) and how and why they are both important.


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