Family Education

As partners in this sacred task of educating our children, we spent the past year listening and learning from you about meaningful ways you hope to do Jewish learning together as a family.  During Parent Coffee hours, one-on-one and group conversations, and data from parent feedback surveys, we learned so much.

  • We heard a yearning for answers to life’s deepest questions, framed in a Jewish context.
  • We learned that families are constantly seeking unique opportunities for children and adults to develop together the tools and enthusiasm for life-long Jewish learning.
  • We discovered that parents aspire to teach their children Jewish values that will help them grow into resilient and happy mensches.
  • We found a shared awe in the depth of our children’s spiritual curiosity and wonder.
  • We discovered that our families value that Shir Tikva is a community of learners.
  • We understood that for some families Sunday mornings can feel overwhelmed by an abundance of family education offerings.

We know that some of the most powerful, lasting Jewish memories kids make are with their families.  Our programming is designed to bring meaningful Jewish rituals, observances and traditions into the homes of our families and to create a community where parents and children can become energized to learn, pray, question and experiment together.  As our Family Education program evolves, we’re grateful for your ongoing partnership and commitment to your child’s Jewish education.  We are so excited to learn with you

There also is a Family Connections program, planned by the Family Connections Committee, to host worship and social activities for parents and children, grandparents, too!