The chavurah initiative is an attempt to create small groups, or "nuclear families," within the larger extended family that is Temple Shir Tikva. Chavurot are small groups of families, perhaps four or five, who take turns getting together to celebrate Shabbat occasionally in each others' homes, build a sukkah together, share the joys of going on a nature walk or a multi-family bike ride, share in each others'simchas, or even help in the difficult times when we need each other more than ever.

The point is these chavurot can be whatever we wish them to be; they are small groups of "chaverim" who are practicing being Jewish together. We hope you're enthusiastic about being a part of this exciting way to build connections in the TST community. If this information has peaked your interest, but you would like more information or have questions, email Jane Murphy at, Marilyn Newman at, or any of the clergy.