40th Anniversary

On May 12, 2018, our 40th anniversary celebration culminates in a community-wide event honoring our past, delighting in our present, and embracing  our future. This event provides our community an opportunity to pay tribute to those who have had such a positive impact on our community, and those who will shape the years to come.

As we celebrate this 40th year milestone, we have embarked on an exciting journey with our dynamic clergy team of Rabbi Danny Burkeman and Cantor Hollis Schachner. Cantor Schachner has filled our hearts with music and joy, comforted us in times of sorrow, and gently guided learners of all ages. Rabbi Danny has quickly settled in and has begun teaching us in a style uniquely his own, bringing us a depth of knowledge and insight. His teachings have been felt from the very young to our most senior members. He celebrates our simchas along with us and his guidance during difficult times has been meaningful and comforting.As we enter our 41st year, we know that our team will lead us into the future with vitality, excitement and vision.

We now have the opportunity to secure the future for our synagogue and our community. Our Early Learning Center (ELC) has already become a center of excellence and child development. Our growing Center for Jewish Spirituality continues to nurture the Jewish mind, body, and soul with innovative programs. We are excited to expand our engagement with technology to break down the walls of the synagogue - stretching our community further than it has gone before. We are learning what the needs of our community are, so we can meet you where you are.

In honor of the Jewish year 5778, Temple Shir Tikva aspires to raise $577,800. Your generous purchase of tickets to the celebration and ads in the 40th Anniversary Tribute Book will help us meet this goal.